Creating Jobs

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One of my top priorities as your U.S. Representative is improving our economy and getting Americans back to work. The last several years have been hard for many Americans. Unemployment and foreclosure rates remain high, and the shroud of uncertainty continues to cloud what the future holds for us. For the first time in generations, many Americans have begun to believe we may not be able to leave this country in a better position for our children and grandchildren.

Obama and the Liberals in Washington have failed in their attempt to revive our economy, leaving us with trillions in new debt, real unemployment above 13% and a growing federal bureaucracy. I believe a free private sector is the best path to economic growth. Instead of spending taxpayer money on more failed stimulus plans that play favorites with the president’s largest campaign donors, I fight for legislation that cuts through the bureaucratic red tape and removes the burden of unconstitutional regulations to help grow small business job creation and our nation’s prosperity.