Repealing ObamaCare

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Since first introduced in the House in 2009, I have strongly opposed the unconstitutional government takeover of our health care system. I counted myself among a majority of Americans who opposed ObamaCare when Congressional Democrats and the White House used political gimmicks to pass the bill into law, and have since fought tirelessly to repeal the law and replace it with common-sense legislation.

Over the last year, we have begun to see how disastrous health care will be when the government is in charge. It is hurting our economy, raising taxes, and causing many Georgians to lose their health care plans. Our nation is becoming a part-time workforce and small businesses are suffering under the weight of ObamaCare.

I have voted over 40 times to repeal, dismantle, or defund ObamaCare, and will continue to fight this disastrous. I have written letters to challenging the spending of the Department of Health and Human Services, and demanded that those who botched the ObamaCare rollout be held responsible. Our health care system needs a solution, and ObamaCare is the farthest thing from that.