Trump Talk

Posted on by Westmoreland Campaign
Dear Friend,

The trend is clear – Georgia is rallying to Donald J. Trump. Folks know that eight more years of Democrat-control of the White House threatens our economic and national security. And, the thought of Hillary Clinton appointing justices to the Supreme Court ought to give everyone pause.

This election is critical for the future of our country. We need your help to make sure Georgia turns out the vote for Mr. Trump one last time. I invite you to join Trump Talk, an interactive phone banking system developed for supporters to spread Mr. Trump’s message to Make America Great Again.

Trump Talk allows users to remotely call Trump supporters from a computer or phone. The program engages users to level up through the number of calls made with the ability to win prizes for high-volume callers for when a certain number of calls are reached. Trump Talk is personalized to each individual’s lifestyle and availability by asking user’s daily goal every time they log on.

Login or Join Trump Talk here: 

I urge all Americans to support Mr. Trump. Let’s Make America Great Again!

Lynn Westmoreland